Month: June 2014

Venturing into China!

This June we took a break from the quiet little town of Sasebo, Japan- full of polite people and friendly faces, prompt transportation services, and clean air- and travelled about 1,800 miles to our nearby neighbor of China! In China, we travelled what is known as the “Golden Triangle”- through the cities of Beijing, Xi’an,…

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Chasing Waterfalls.

In our adventure to seek out our first waterfall of the summer, we went through a small area known as Oseto. Oseto Town is located in the center of Nishisonogi Peninsula, offering chances for travelers to enjoy the beauty of nature and the peaceful oceanside scenery and beaches. Tsugane-otoshi Waterfall This 20 m-high cascade of water without…

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Zooming In on Japan.

Now that we have officially been living in Japan for over a year now, I figured it would be kind of neat to take a look at the country that we have been calling home. During the past year, we have explored and traveled to many cities and islands in and around Japan. It is…

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