Monkey’n Around in Beppu.

On our trip back to Beppu, we took a detour to visit Mt.Takasaki for a rare opportunity to observe Japan’s wild Macaque monkeys in their natural habitat!

At the base of Mt.Takasaki is Mt.Takasaki Monkey National Park. 1,200 monkeys live there, in two separate colonies. Since before WWII, the monkeys have raided nearby farms and damaged the crops. To prevent this, the late Mr. Ueda, former mayor of Oita City, succeeded in gathering the monkeys at the base of this mountain by scattering bait and blowing a conch (a kind of shell horn) in 1952.

Something to keep in mind: Mt.Takasaki is not a zoo. Instead, the monkeys (Japanese Macaque Macaca Fuscata) live and move about freely in natural groupings. Each group may consist of several hundred members. The whole of Mt. Takasaki is their habitat. As I mentioned, there are two separate colonies of monkeys on the mountain. Once a day, in order to eat, a colony will come to the base of Mt.Takasaki. (Along with observing these animals in the park, we also drove up the mountain looking for a glimpse of these monkeys in other areas, but did not have any luck).

As we walked around the park, surrounded by monkeys scurring about everywhere, there were just 4 rules we were to follow:

1. Don’t touch the animals.

2. Don’t make fun of the animals.

3. Don’t stare into the eyes of the animals.

4. Don’t show food to animals. Don’t feed animals.

Check out some pictures of our interactions with these beautiful animals in the outdoors!:

Trip 1 077

Monkeys roaming free among visitors.
Monkeys roaming free among visitors.

Trip 1 092      Trip 1 089

Trip 1 078

Trip 1 088

Trip 1 151        Trip 1 080

Trip 1 083        Trip 1 081

Trip 1 090

The baby monkey popped through the baby's head on the board at the exact time Steve was looking through!!
Look closely…The baby monkey popped his head through the hole right as Steve was looking through for his picture! Crazy timing!

Trip 1 109

Trip 1 115

Trip 1 095        Trip 1 131

Trip 1 127

Trip 1 144        Trip 1 132

Trip 1 150

Trip 1 135

Feeding time!!
Feeding time!!

Trip 1 148        Trip 1 147

Trip 1 154        Trip 1 156


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