West Fjords, Iceland: Part II.

Here they are! My favorite waterfall and my favorite fisherman village are found in the west fjords.

When we first drove up to Sudureyri there was not a person or car in sight. No one outside their homes, on the playground, or working on the water. It was drizzling rain and cloudy. There were no sounds. It was an eerie sight, yet I still felt relaxed and safe (I mean, this is Iceland). Sudureyri is a small Icelandic fishing village that only started to develop in the 20th century. There are less than 300 local inhabitants in this town; we crossed paths with 1 other car, 3 pedestrians, and a kid on his bike the entire time we were there! Sudureyri prides itself on its flourishing fish industry, as well as its sustainable ways of handling fish. The Fisherman brand has a strong hold on this community- controlling a hotel, restaurant, and guided tours. There is an amazing cafe in the hotel lobby that serves Fisherman seafood products, including sauces, Omega 3 fish oil, and fresh fish meals. We tried some Fisherman stew and it was delicious!

An interesting thing we noted as we travelled further around the island were the signs as you entered and/or exited a city. These signs pictured a city landscape indicating whether you were driving into a city or when you were leaving one. 

1 2 5 9 7 13

—-    —-    —-

It’s hard to choose a favorite Icelandic waterfall, but Dynjandi is probably mine! You would think that it’d be easy to get tired of looking at waterfalls in Iceland, (considering they are EVERYWHERE and there are SO MANY) but each one has some quality about it that captivates you and makes them hard to forget. Dynjandi’s power can be seen from miles away as you approach it. We caught our first glimpse about 20 miles out and from the other side of the fjord! There are a series of 6 mini-falls below Dynjandi that lead you up a scenic route to Dynjandi itself. In between the drizzle and sun, the landscape colors really popped, reminding me of autumn here in the States. And a rainbow appeared!

The views on the drive were a spectacular bonus!

15 10 8 12 18 20 1 2.5 8 10 12





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