Month: March 2021

Festa del Papà

Did you know? Today in Italy is Father’s Day. While Americans celebrate it the third Sunday of June, Italians honor their dads on March 19 to commemorate San Giuseppe, or Saint Joseph, father of Jesus Christ and therefore a fatherly symbol of love, compassion, kindness, generosity, and acceptance. By tradition in some places, people light…

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A Saint’s Resting Place

“Naples is one of the clearest examples of cities where history can be traced through its “layers”. The Greek Neapolis and the present-day city are not separated by millennia but by metres of soil under the ground. The past is not placed in a glass case or forgotten, but peeps out in some parts of…

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Excavations & Explorations

A quick afternoon trip to downtown Napoli two weeks ago still has me captivated by the magnitude of its beauty and traditions. Beginning with the Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore that has history both above AND below ground! The Basilica was commissioned by Bishop Giovanni II (533-555), and consisted of a portico (nartece), of a…

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