Sneaking Out in the Red Zone

Shhh… I finally got to leave our municipality during la zona rossa!!! It was only to go to another base… but I’ll take it! It’s been five months since our arrival and I was “invited by the Italian Forensic team” to finally have my fingerprints taken last weeks to complete my Sojourner’s Permit. It’s a document stating that I legally reside in Italy, temporarily, but it signifies a longer time allowed than a tourist visa. Between getting fingerprinted in the base chapel as the Italians danced to “Hot in Here” by Nelly, and getting to stare at Vesuvio from the roof of a car garage (and the mountains and the ocean), that day was the best day I’ve had in weeks!! Lockdown is getting old but this view never does!!


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Our roots will forever be from here, America, born and raised. Yet, life requires us to move more frequently than we care to count. Whether living stateside or abroad, you can always find us traveling somewhere. We scout out places that you only think you can dream of one day seeing and we seek out those that aren’t found in guidebooks. We then bring them to life here in our travel memos, so hopefully, one day you too can visit them or at least be able to live vicariously through us. This blog isn’t just about crossing off places from a bucket list. It’s about absorbing and learning how other cultures grow and fit into the same world that we do. Life is short and the world is big. Enjoy and get out there!

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