Island Vibes in Ischia

Early morning haze, the sun shining brightly, calm waters, and fellow seagull travelers immediately gave a beachy feel from the moment we left the ferry port in Naples. One of the first weekends in May we decided to venture out across the water to the island of Ischia. We grabbed an early morning cappuccino at the port in Naples and took off! Only some of the island had just begun to open for the summer season and the spa-like hotel that we stayed at had just opened two days prior to our arrival! Nonetheless, it was a perfect, relaxing weekend getaway.


Saturday night dinner was enjoyed in the hotel and Sunday’s lunch was enjoyed pool side. We tried everything from meats & cheeses, lemon risotto, rabbit Ischia-style, seafood pasta, soups, and spaghetti.  

We only spent Saturday and Sunday on the island but it was still plenty of time to squeeze in a little exploring along with relaxing in the spas. After dropping off our luggage at the hotel, we took off for the “cultural center of the island,” also known as Forio. We walked along the beaches and through the city center. I wanted to find a local shop known as “Serpico Specialità d’Ischia,” a family owned store that has been in business for over 200 years and sells traditional products of the island. We found it, however, we learned that there had been a fire there in December so they were still repairing the shop. Regardless, the couple was kind enough talk with us and show us some local wines they had (which we bought of course) along with some of their local organic soaps (which we also purchased as well). And as an added bonus, the shop was located in a quaint piazza with a fountain in the middle and restaurants all around. We couldn’t think of a better place to try some seafood and enjoy a mid-afternoon break! And of course, before heading back we grabbed some gelato. Sometimes you may set out to find something, but even if it’s not what you expected, in Italy you are never disappointed! Our 3 hours in Forio was a perfect side adventure!


We had an unexpected surprise on Sunday: the hotel extended our check-out until 4pm! We had a late ferry and they let us stay longer! After grabbing some hotel breakfast on Sunday, we headed off to Sant’Angelo. Sant’Angelo is an ancient fishing village that extends in front of the characteristic islet of Ischia. Colorful houses perched along the hillside give off a Mediterranean vibe and the waters in all directions are some of the most prettiest blues! We wanted to enjoy a peaceful morning walk in this pedestrian only commune and enjoy a morning cappuccino in the piazza while watching some of the fishermen at work. After spending the morning here, we headed back to our hotel to get in some more swim and sun time before catching the ferry back home. 



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