Month: July 2021

The Lemon Path

One of the most gorgeous and relaxing days we experienced was on a visit to the Amalfi Coast. We wanted to walk the famous “Lemon Path” or Sentiero dei Limoni that connects the towns of Minori and Maiori along the Amalfi Coast. This path was once the only connection between these two tiny towns, an…

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Serenity in Sorrento

June had such a beautiful start to it with its comfortable summer temperatures and the school year coming to an end (can I get a hallelujah?!). We needed a refreshing break from the craziness of spring, and waking up in Sorrento was such a peaceful way to dive into the weekend (and my birthday)! The…

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Bees + Wine = Heaven

We took a sweet (see what I did there?! lol) tour with local guide, Aldo, to visit a honey farm and a winery in the beautiful hills and countryside of Irpinia. This was the first time that we had been to the province of Avellino and just the views alone were gorgeous! I have a…

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Rome: Part III

And last but not least, the random parts of Rome that we stumbled upon. Here’s a cluster of things at night, things that we don’t know the names of, more sightseeing photos, rooftop views, more eateries, wine, spritz’s, cool signs, more beauty, and more fun:

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Rome: Part II

Campo dei Fiori Among the most picturesque places in Rome, the only monumental square in the city center that does not host a church, Campo de’ Fiori is one of the most famous squares in Rome. In the morning it transforms into a colorful market where the sounds of Romans selling fruits and vegetables, clothing,…

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Rome: Part I

Pantheon Inn Our first glimpse of a historical landmark in Rome: the Pantheon Inn. We chose to stay at an inn very close to the Pantheon so were were able to see it quite a few times and during different times throughout the day and night. Our first night we ate at a restaurant kiddie…

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