Month: October 2021

Open-Air Chocolate Festival

We kicked off October with a simple Friday night in our hometown- friends, music, street food, and a chocolate festival!! I couldn’t resist the temptation to drag us downtown as our city transformed into an open-air chocolate factory. Tent stalls lined the main road, Via Roma, showcasing Chocolatiers and their artisan chocolates.

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To The Top Of Vesuvius

We spent a Sunday hiking the crater of the most famous volcano in the world, walking over 3 miles on the trail that runs along the lower edge of the Vesuvius crater. Even with the distant haze there were so many unforgettable views: the Apennine Mountains, the crests of Mount Somma, and the Bay of…

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Mommy’s Day Out In Rome

I reserved a sunny September Sunday off for a day of reconnecting- with friends and myself. A dear friend (whom I haven’t physically seen in probably 10 years!) and her husband finally made their long awaited trip to Italia, and they made their first afternoon available to see little old me. So while I waited…

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Calabria: Bonus Finds

Initially, our shortened trip was going to be all about the sea, the food, and a little R&R, but we came up with some alternatives to see after we found out that the weather may not be in our favor. Although the majority of the weather was great, we had to get out and explore…

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