Month: December 2014

Discovering An Ancient Legend.

One of the reasons I absolutely love Japan is the fact that it is full of ancient stories, legends, beliefs, mythological creatures and places. All of these things are what help make Japan, Japan. It’s old, so much older than the States, with many places to discover and explore their history. So when I read…

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Visions of Hell: Part II

A year later we have returned to hell… or so to speak. On a return trip to Beppu, we re-visited a popular area and well-known tourist attraction called “Jigoku Meguri,” otherwise known as the hells of Beppu. Last year, we visited the first six hells but enjoyed them, the food, and spa’s so much that…

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Monkey’n Around in Beppu.

On our trip back to Beppu, we took a detour to visit Mt.Takasaki for a rare opportunity to observe Japan’s wild Macaque monkeys in their natural habitat! At the base of Mt.Takasaki is Mt.Takasaki Monkey National Park. 1,200 monkeys live there, in two separate colonies. Since before WWII, the monkeys have raided nearby farms and damaged the crops.…

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