Month: January 2023

Holiday Munchies

Post Christmas sweets! This was our last Christmas in Italy so I wanted to make a “charcuterie snack board” with all the local holiday treats to enjoy one last time. That, of course, meant visiting one of the famous panettone bakers in town to try one of his creations. I purchased the traditional panettone (non…

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Christmas At The Vatican

Another one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. It reminded us a lot of traveling to see the Emperor while living in Japan many years ago to hear his New Year’s blessing and speech to the people. While we are not Catholic and not super religious, we decided to take part in this trip. We arrived early…

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Things That Make Me Happy

Vintage Clothes Coffee Trying on vintage clothes while drinking coffee Spritz’s & Pizza Neapolitan presepe My girl squad Took a break from the craziness of life, checked out for the day, and headed to Napoli to hang with some of my besties. A day of just living in the moment.

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December in Athens

On our first of two full days in Athens, Greece a visit to the ancient Acropolis was required. It was a beautiful December day to soak up the incredible remains and incredible views. Our hotel was located in the old town and had a rooftop view of the Acropolis (which, at the time was closed,…

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Carving Stone

One morning back in November, I had the unique opportunity to witness (and try a little first hand!) the ancient art of cameo-making with skilled master engravers! The Russo Family, at Palazzo del Corallo in Portici, operates in the field of gold & silver frames and shells and agate cameos for four generations. They are…

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24 Hours in Florence

Obviously twenty-four hours in Florence is not enough, but it is just enough to catch some art, see the famous naked man, and enjoy a Florentine steak with a 26-year-old bottle of red!! ** And don’t forget those ancient wine windows! Found a few and one that was actually in operation! ** An ancient Florentine…

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A Perfect Fall Day

A gorgeous fall day was spent in the mountains to truffle hunt along the river and savor truffle dishes made by Mama Castello. Pretty much anytime anyone says “truffles” we are there! Trying to soak in as much truffle fun and cuisine as we can while in Italy! This was a perfect family day at…

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Temple Hike

My favorite time to really see Naples is after the storms roll through. The thick haze and smog disappears, the mountains seem larger & greener, and the ocean seems to be visible for miles inward from the coast. Everything, even if for just a short time, is so clear. These are also the best days…

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